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Running/Resuming uTorrent on Old (Slave) Hard Drive?


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Hello, I just installed a new HD, I put my old HD in my cpu as well (as a slave drive). I am wondering if there is any way to resume my uTorrent downloads on my old 300gb HD? I.E. run uTorrent just as it was before. I had about 200 torrents or so downloading/seeding on it and I would rather not switch it to my new hard drive.

Thank you for your help.

(Sorry if this has been asked before, I can't find anything on it.)

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uT has to run on your main HD so c: I presume.

But resume.dat contains still the old path of each torrent (data) so with BEncode Editor you just need to edit resume.dat and use "replace" function to change the old path with the new one in one click.

Because "Advanced > Set Download Location" works too but with 100 torrents, it's the hell and your hand will be tired! ;)

Of course for your new torrents on your new HD, you dont need to change the path.

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