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Screwed up my settings


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In the quest to may Utorrent go faster I screwed up my settings by watching too many youtube videos and trying the portforwarding...my upload speed is now greater than my download speed which is also incredibly low 6.9 kbs usually around 30 at the bare minimum...and my other torrents (download 3 at the same time so the other 2) are also going slow...I know it isn't the torrents as when I had the portforwarding going 1 torrent was up to about 60 kbs but the other two were at 0.1 so I knew there was a problem

sorry if this is hard to understand....I have deleted the settings, but the problem still exists HELP IS REQUIRED AND NEEDED AND APPRECIATED!!

Srry forgot to include

ISP - Bell Sympatcio

-- Connection speed 2218 kb/s downloading and 613 kb/s uploading according to the test

-- Router make and model - speed stream 6520

-- TCP/IP patch - no

-- Software firewalls, if any - the one that comes with windows

-- Antivirus software - none

-- µTorrent settings - default

I know I'm a huge n00b apologies

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