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Trouble Making uTorrent Default Torrent Downloader


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1. Previously installed Vuze working properly with no problems.

2. Installed uTorrent 1.8.1.

3. In uTorrent Preferences selected 'Associate with .torrent files' & check associations on startup.

4. In Windows Default Programs/Set Associations, selected uTorrent as associated with .torrent files.

5. Rebooted computer.

When downloading torrents, downloads in Vuze automatically, don't know why.

Running Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit.

Suggestions are welcome.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Actually, the problem was with Firefox. When I would navigate to a bittorrent site to download a torrent, Firefox had a default set (something I probably did) in Tools/Options/Applications/Actions use Azureus.exe. When I changed this to uTorrent or Always Ask, the default to Vuze went away. Also, I found a nifty little application Unassoc.exe which removes the file associations and lets you start over.

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