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Not connecting to peers


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EDIT: I changed the port I was operating on, and immediately, I'm getting much better speeds. Does this mean my ISP is throttling?


I've been noticing torrents aren't downloading as fast at my home as they do at my office.

At my office, I'm getting speeds 200-250 KB/s. At home, I'm getting 10-20KB/s. The office is using a full T1, my home is 1MB Cable. I'm using a laptop, so the computer is the same at both locations. On this latest try, i'm downloading a 4GB torrent, so I'm using the same torrent with same trackers on the same computer.

At home, I notice I'm only connecting to 2-4 peers. At the office, many more peers. At home, sometimes it will connect to more peers, maybe 10-15, but I am only downloading from 1 or 2. Occasionally, a peer will upload to me a faster speed (like 60-70KB/s), but other than that, speeds are only 5-10KB/s.

I have the Green check mark, so inbound connections are good. My upload is always at the max (throttle). Download is always slower than the upload (at home).

I've followed a few suggestions about the router, etc... that I've found on this page.

Is it possible it's just the peers I'm connecting to? (At the office it's during the day, at home it's nights/weekends).

Any suggestions?



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