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0(72) Seeds --- Foreign Torrent problem?


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Am I doing something wrong to be showing so many available seeds for a torrent, but no connections to them? This is a chronic problem with a popular torrent source in Japan. I do get connections from peers, but it's usually like 20(3000), and very slow, like 30 kB/s. But there doesn't seem to be a connection problem per se, because occasionally a seed will connect, and occasionally I will get bit rates up to 700kB/s. I also get consistently higher bandwidth and connection rates from US sources.

I am not restricting the upload bandwidth, and most of the time I am uploading at a higher rate than I'm downloading, and my ratio is near or above 1.0. Is there something about foreign torrents that makes them refuse to connect to uTorrent? Thank you.

PS I'm running uTorrent 1.8.1 (but the same thing happened with earlier versions), XP SP3 with all security updates, AVG Free AV, and XP's built-in firewall, with uTorrent in its exceptions. My ISP usually has around 700kB/s bandwidth.

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