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ICS port forwarding


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Ok, I'm at whits end. Here is my scenario: I have a cricket broadband usb modem, connected in a usb port on my PC. Then an ethernet cable coming out of my ethernet card on my pc to the WAN port of my smcwbr14-g2 wireless router. I have the cricket modem set to share the internet connection. I have wireless on my laptop, and I am able to connect to the internet on my laptop. I am also able to download torrents but at a excruciatingly slow speed. Some of the files are telling me that they are gonna take a week to download. If I get 50kbs I get giddy. But that does not last long. Usually I'm lucky to get 10kbs. It's mostly at 2kbs or 3kbs. I forwarded my port on my router and opened it on my PC Local area connection. For good measure I also opened it on my cricket modem as well as my laptop. My cricket ip is dynamic. My PC ip is static. My laptop ip is dynamic. As far as I can tell my port should be so open an elephant could fit through. Yet utorrent says it's closed and I have a yellow light, rarely green, and sometimes red. What am I doing wrong?

Well, it's been 2 days since I posted this. I guess I'm shit out of luck. I guess I'll just have to leech.

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