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Please, help a new user =/... some silly questions!


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Hi, I'm pretty new using Utorrent and the torrent stuff itself so i kinda have some questions (maybe pretty dumb for experienced users) that i'm desperate to know the answer

Right now i'm trying to download a Bootleg from 1975 of led zeppelin. In the websites that i tried to get the torrent files... like mininova e some others... the number of Seeds anounced were like 11, 13.. something like that...

but when I try to download it, it wont start...

It says downloading, But:

the color is RED,

the availability is ALL RED

ETA is like... forover, it doesnt even give a date.

HOWEVER the major problem that is bothering me are the SEEDS / PEERS

SEEDS is like = 0(13)

PEERS is like = 0 (0)


*I read that some fellow users are having problems after windows updates... i remembering doing one a couple days ago, however i just try downloading another random torrent and it went fine... but can it be the reason of my problem with the bootleg and my ghost seeds?

Thanks for any help. really! :)

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[DHT] not allowed

[Local Peer Discovery] not allowed

[Peer Exchange] not allowed

http://public.t1.the-zomb.com/announce.php Failure: that torrent torrent is not registered with the tracker 3m 54s 10 0 1079

what is this failure about? how can i overcome it? the three torrents that i downloaded have the same trackers!

what should I do?

what does the seed 0(13 in swarm) means?


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