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Single DL fine, multiple at half speed


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Running into an odd situation and tinkering with the settings isn't getting me anywhere so...I can download a single torrent at anywhere from 100-300kB/s but if I start downloading another torrent at the same time my bandwidth is suddenly cut in half.

E.g., just tried two torrents, first one was going steady at 200+kB/s, paused it and started another that ran at 200+kB/s as well, turned the first one back on and now they're both downloading at 50kB/s.... >.>

Cable modem connection, 8Mb/s down 512K up, port forwarding is good, happens regardless if DHT is enabled, upload speed cap doesn't seem to matter as long as it's in the sane region, XP SP3, etc. I've run through the speed guide and just about every faq I can find and nothing seems to be helping. Ideas?

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