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Allocating Files Upon Download


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I'm not sure where to post this, I checked here and in the Feature Request and Troubleshooting forums.

Is the only way to allocate your files to change the default folder?

The FAQ on transferring torrents from other clients says to right click and click advanced, but that's not an option. I'm guessing that's for the Windows version, but is there an option like that somewhere else in the Mac version?

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Theres an option to change the default download folder for all torrents but no option to move files after the download is complete from with in the application.

This is a royal pain in the buttocks with front row/Itunes as they don't like music or Videos being out side your personal user folders any way. Quicktime and the DVD player allow any location to be opened. I have a USB HDD for Video and films and manualy have to transfer them, then an alias in the movie folder is linking to the HDD/or other folder.

But this is what happens with new apps features of apps that are over 3 years old just are not going to be there and wont be for some time. ( they get the basics working first)

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