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Weird Download Event. Not working in Screen saver mode. PLEASE HELP!

vanilla Noob

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Ahoy ladies and gentlemen.

I am not really a torrent user. I just downloaded Utorrent yesterday

Because i wanted to download a prank call series. Actually i just clicked "ADD TORRENT"\

and some screen came up with a bunch of selected mp3's/ I deselected all and only selected 1

Now it said "Downloading" 0.0% done/ Alright so i had my friends over. And basically just left it like that. Nothing was moved or anything. Now after 10mins by winxp pro goes into screen saver mode.

ok so i left my house, and left my computer on. Me and my friends just went around town to get a bike and smoke some cigarettes and have a talk

I return home after 3 hours and basically get out of screen saver mode. Then 5 minutes later i see the little utorrent icon in the taskbar say "Respect for your customers" has finished downloading. That was the name of the prank

WTF? it only downloads when not in screen saver mode...This is VERY bizzare.

Can soemone explain. I don't understand

The .mp3 plays fine. But why it took 3 hours to download and actually finished as soon as we began using the pc makes me think something doen't work ins creen save mode.

Someone plase explain it's killing me

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