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New PC slower speeds... Please read


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Ok here's the deal. I have a uTorrent 8.1.8 on a Vista SP2 Beta with an AMD Athlon 64, 1 GB RAM all connected to a 2Wire 1701HG Gateway by AT&T with the Elite package (6.0Mbps DL - 786Kbps UL). I have the port 45682 open on my modem and my Windows Firewall is accepting transfers from uTorrent.

uTorrent does not download any faster than 100KB/s. Especially with aXXo files, they download at about 12-20KB/s. I checked to see if AT&T was throttling me. Apparently not...




I took those screenshots to show what I'm talking about.... I don't know what else to do :(

Like I said, I've opened up the port 45682 on my modem and Windows Firewall. Anything I do it is still slow...

By the way, I'm getting my ISP from San Antonio, TX. I'm not sure if that might help.

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:/ Tried http://slackware.com/torrents/ ??

Even though it SAYS 768 Kbit/sec you may not actually have that much. Have you tried lowering the limit to say 15? That should be Ctrl-G numbers = to 128Kbit. .fully half of what you put out right now. The ISP might limit downloads... You have U-verse? Recently people have complained about upload problems.

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You're not uploading at 100 KB/sec so it's not surprising that at least sometimes you're not downloading that fast. :(

(Seems you can't upload that fast.)

If you used settings you saw in a YouTube video, then that's probably your problem...most of them are REALLY bad.

2nd link in my signature for settings...try no higher than 700 kilobit/second upload settings.

(ADSL has so much overhead that unless the ISP overprovisions, you cannot reach the stated max for anything.)

...And you may have to use lower if your ISP isn't giving the full amount!

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Ok thanks for the replies but it goes on all day and my upload is limited to 30KB/s and the download is unlimited. I don't have YouTube settings and I also recently got Peer Guardian because I thought it was something to do with a P2P agency, now I realize that can't be because I'd be fined by now :)


I just added a new screenshot when my uTorrent has been running all night...


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Hi, I'm new at torrenting :P, but after some experimenting I found a solution to my own problem and maybe it can help you too.

I always get the yellow icon, although I'm getting max download speeds (90 kb/s)...

Try this: Go to Preferences-> BitTorrent, and set Outgoing-> Forced.

When download is started, set bandwidth allocation to High.

This solved ma problem, although I'm not sure it will help you

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