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weird behavior (maybe hacker)


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Hello all 1st i would like to say i sorry for my english but im seeking help .

Im using utorrent for a while (3 4 years) and i never had any problem .

Everything im downloading from utorrent go in my download folder wich is in My Documents .

Im using a burning software to burn those files afterward .

Today for the 1st time something weird happened while trying to burn some files i got a error message in my burning software wich is cd burnerxp that the file im tryng to burn are in a workgroup and could be used by another programs.

Those file were finished downloading for weeks .

So i got in my utorrent download folder and tryed to open the workgroup , the window freeze for 20 25 sec and i got a pop up saying i cant access the workgroup cause im not the admin and the workgroup is not accessible at this time (im the admin and only user of this computer and its not in any workgroup at all) .

I ran a full system scan whit my antivirus but found nothing .

The only thing i suspect is some kind of hacking , if any 1 can help me getting rid of this problem it would be really nice .

thnaks all for your time .

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