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Utorrent(1.8.1) crash my computer! Please help!


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Hi! I h ave a problem with utorrent(1.8.1): when it's on, my computer crashes (Blue Death and reboot)very very often!

I'm almost sure it's utorrent, whitout it the system is stable.

The Blue Death screen say:


Technical info:


***w22n51.sys-adderess F8104988 base at F8090000, datestamp 404C5C4C

...and my PC's a HP Compaq nx7010, Intel pentium 1.70ghz, 512 mb ram, hd 40GB.

OS: Windows XP Professional Ver.2002 SP2.

I have no firewall(the window's one is off....), AVG Free 8.0 antivirus and AdAware........

I really can't understand what's the problem......PLEASE HELP!!!!

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