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Treat .app folder as an application


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uTorrent for Mac, that is NICE!!! And the beta is already lightning fast and stable (that I have experienced).

A little suggestion.. If you download a traditional OS X application in uTorrent, which technically is just a folder with ".app" as an extension, you see all the package contents of the .app in the "Files List", as if it was a regular foler. It is not necessary for a Mac user to see all these files (and might even confuse some users), so it would be very helpful if all the contents were hidden in an .app folder, and just display it as if it were a single application file. If not that, then maybe collapse the contents of an ".app" folder. Or at least, give the user the option to do something about this in Preferences. ;-)

I know this would not be high priority, but it's very valid. Thanks a lot for bringing the BEST torrent client to the Mac platform! :-)

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Allright, um..

Yes, it is. You misunderstood my post, I will explain this anyway. Try this: make a regular folder, put a random file in that folder, then add ".app" after the folders name (ex. "untitled folder.app"), and see what happens. Then try choosing "Show Package Contents" on the folder. So you see, it is TECHNICALLY a folder. ;)

Check this out, for clarification:


BUT!! - As I said, you have misunderstood my post completely. I meant, if you used uTorrent to download a regular Mac application (NOT a .DMG/.RAR/.ZIP or whatever.. A raw application!), you can see all the "Package Contents" of that .app in the Files view in uTorrent. And that is not necessary for the user to see those files. ;)

Hope it's clear what I mean now.. ;)

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