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crash, connection error (may leech only from one location) and recheck


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I'm using utorrent 1.8.1 build 12639 on a QuadCore Q6600, 4GB RAM. I think because of some large torrents (over 50GB) utorrent is crashing. I disabled the built in read/write buffering because after the amount of RAM which I was allocating was filled the transfer was stalling, meaning no transfer upload/download was made.

Now when checking a big torrent (50GB) is stalling, meaning application freezing. In the same time no transfer is being made, download or upload. After killing the application and restarting it I get this error from most of the private trackers I use: Connection limit. You may leech only from one location at a time. Then it starts the recheck, which takes an eternity, then "da capo"...

Pls help.

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