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Going at a crawl..


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While downloading a torrent

My upload is at 42.1 kilobytes a second and my download is half that. 8 out of 42 seeds connected

72 of 300+ peers

I can't get my download to hit higher than 40

I have a 4meg down from Comcast and a Linksys WRT54G

I have my upload capped at 42

Help? =(

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I beleive my up is 384.(I think 40-45ish is the highest i get in upload) 4.20.7 is my firmware on the router.

when i did the port test in Utorrent it said it was OK(I beleive I have DMZ enabled.)

I don't quite see where to get the network error or ok message is at, but there's no red message that I can see sticking out anywhere. ;)

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I tested your torrent from above and ran at about 300-350kbps. My ISP is comcast, I have tested my bandwidth at 2670kbps up and 360 down. I am using Zone Alarm firewall on my winxp system, have my port forwarded correctly and have a "Network OK". I went throught the speed guide, optimized my settings per the utility and directions.

So with that as background does 300-350 sound ok, I was just concerend as you mentioned that the comcast service should hit around 500. Is that beacause I am only getting 2670 on what should be a 4meg comcast connection?


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