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Torrents renaming each other? -- WINE issue?


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I'm not sure if this has something to do with uTorrent itself, or something wrong with Wine, or what. I've got torrents which take on the names of other torrents in the list after being clicked on just so... Here are the steps:

1. Start with uTorrent showing more than one torrent in a list.

2. Select a torrent in the list.

3. Click once on that selected torrent's NAME FIELD. The field now becomes editable.

4. Leave it editable, and select a different torrent by clicking anywhere that other torrent's row.

5. The one JUST clicked on is now renamed to the same name as the FIRST one I clicked on.

This is reliably reproducible on my system. Ooh, but sometimes it's not a copy of another name ... sometimes there's non-text characters that get involved. I haven't so far discerned a pattern for this rare occurrence (mostly because I try to avoid disturbing the names now) but it seems to happen when the field is not wide enough to display one of the names. I can't confirm this however.

I'm using uTorrent 1.8.1, and I don't see any beta version beyond that, atop wine-1.1.10 which is latest available, only 4 days old. I've been having this behavior since installing uTorrent, which at the time was 1.8.0, which at the time ran atop wine-0.9.59 (I think).

Also potentially relevant: Otherwise, I'm up-to-date with hardy-updates from ubuntu repositories, using Gnome, and whether I run metacity or my default compiz-fusion, I get the same behaviors.

I searched this forum looking for the same thing, and finding nothing, here I post. I'm rather startled, though, because this has been ongoing for some time.

Can anyone confirm this happens on other machines? If so, what version of Wine (or windows) do you have?


-- Nate

PS : It would also be nice to have a feature "no mouse rename" or something ... I find it bothersome aside from the above bug.

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For those of you experiencing this problem, would you mind testing Wine v1.1.20 to see if the problem persists? It supposedly contains various listview improvements, and among the changes listed, this one sounds suspiciously relevant:

comctl32/listview: LVM_SETITEM is unsupported on LVS_OWNERDATA.

(µTorrent uses LVS_OWNERDATA, which causes the listview to be a virtual listview, and LVM_SETITEM is used to set the text in a listview item)

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