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It takes forever to start a torrent...


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... but when it starts it works fine..

I usually DL from private trackers, and I havent had any problems until for two weeks ago when suddnly the torrent wont start.

example: I says "downloading" and 0(2000) 0(150) seeders/leechers.

It stands like this for 3 minutes and the starts to find seeders slowly. very annoying.

anyone knows this problem och settings to solve this? I want it to start faster.



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thank you for your answer thelittlefire..

i googled litte more after posting my thread and I read that it could help if you remove utorrent from your firewall and then give it access again when asked. I went further and uninstalled my Zonealarm and my nod32 (I've heard that nod32 can make utorrent work bad) and installed AVG Internet Security.

Now it takes 20 sec for it to start on private trackers and thats very nice to see.. On that link you posted it took 5 sec.

So if anyone has this problem try to remove it from your Firewall and then give it access when you get asked again.

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