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Problem with connecting to lan peers


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I have set up the following situation.

1. An NAS that is hosting the tracker (BtitTracker) and is also acting as a peer (running libtorrent 0.D.0.0 (according to KTorrent))

2. A PC that has the content and which should seed to the other 2 (running uTorrent 1.8.1 Beta)

3. A Linux PC that should also download from number 2 (running KTorrent).

uTorrent shows that there are two peers in the net and 1 leecher, this is also verified by the tracker, but µTorrent just won't connect to the other two.

All the peers are connected with a 10 MBit Hub (yeah its slow but it works) and can be accessed over the network without any problem.

I can download stuff from internet based trackers with µTorrent, so it is not a general problem. Only when connecting to Peers in my LAN. When I use other BitTorrent Clients it does work (tried BitTornado and Halite) - so it should be software specific.

I run on PC number 2 Vista SP1 with Windows Firewall deactivated and no AntiVirus program.

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You will need to turn on Logger tab > Verbose > Peer Disconections & Peer Connections ... under Error as well.

If the tracker is showing them, and they're showing in the peer cache of the sender... what about the receiver??

Does a right click "copy peerlist" produce identical IP:PORT combinations? Is it using the external IP or your individual LAN IPs?

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