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not hashfails but a lot of miss information


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The problem is that i get a very good speed from one seed (800-500kb/s) but almost all the information is usless.



In the pictures you can see that i didn't have hashfails but i have 3.6gb useless

this is about a week ago and it's hapen whith a lot of diferents torrents, and the ip in every case is similar 190.160.2.XXX (in every torrent, the XXX change).

there some explanation for this ?? plees help

sorry about my english, pero hablo español, haci que tambien me sirve la ayuda en español.


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i think i found the problem, I check some of the IPs that are involve and dicover that all are from my ISP (VTR in Chile) and from the same city (antofagasta), so i put a filter in utorrent and problem solved.

I think this is because is know that VTR make traffic shaping, and with this you can't call them saing that the conecction is slow, because they are sending you useless data at high speed, i don't know i was cleare becaus of my english

i think this because in my country aren't that fast upload conection (for example a have 8mb down and 0.5mb up, and the 512kbps is the fastesf speed of any conection) soo i think that a ISP is the only that can do this.

could be this the problem ?? any comment ??

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Hola nclakes2, yo soy de Santiago y tengo el mismo "problema". Tambien tengo vtr y la conexion de 2 megas que hace poco subieron al doble, 4 megas. La diferencia contigo es que los cientos de megas que he bajado en peliculas, y me ha mandado la misma ip (190.160.2.zzz) si me sirven.

Yo ocupo Bitlord como administrador de torrents y me indica 0 megas de datos inutiles. De seguro es alguna estafa por parte de VTR para demostrar que pueden garantizar la velocidad de conexion.

Lo que no entiendo es como hacen para subir archivos tan rapido! (por ejemplo la pelicula Righteous Kill[2008]DvDrip[Eng]-FXG que baje de mininova a 170kbs promedio, alcanzo hasta 510kbs). Acaso tienen a un weon bajando para vtr todos los torrents que los clientes podrian querer para luego ellos ponerse entre medio como semillas de manera que asi parezca que la cosa funciona rapido???

Es muy extraño, en todo caso por ahora a mi me funciona, he bajado 10 avis, relativamente nuevos y todos a velocidades sorprendentes para nuestro pais.


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Sorry for the spanish post. Translated summary:

I'm from Santiago, Chile. Different city, same internet provider: VTR www.vtr.cl. I've had for the past year or so the 2 Mega conexion, around 240 kbs. In Dec. 2008 they upgraded all internet connexions, doubling the speed.

Since, I have been downlading some of my torrents (most popular ones actually, like recently released movies or so) at greater speeds, sometimes even 500Kbs. Amazing.

But, strange as it is, all my downloads have been seeded by the same IP group 190.160.2.zzz , someone who has always 99.9% of his download complete and yet uploads at incredible speeds.

So, what's going on? Is it the Internet Provider who's messing with the torrents, so that they are able to say that their service is good and stands the 4Megabit/s speed they say to provide?

Oh, and NOT a single MB of hashfail, rubbish data has been downloaded.

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