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Help designing RSS Filters


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Hello. I've recently started using RSS feeds to auto-download torrents from some favorites websites. I have a number up and running perfectly, but am running into trouble on one specific feed. The feed is periodically updating releases with seed and leech information embedded in the title. This is not causing any problems during download, but when I reach a good share ratio and remove the torrent, uTorrent is adding the release back into the download queue the next time the RSS is updated. Obviously, uTorrent can recognize these entries are linked in someway, because I only begin downloading a second copy after I've removed the first, even if the release has been updated multiple times while it's still in my queue. Can someone help me select the correct options or design a filter to prevent this from happening? Thanks, Mars

Forgot to mention the RSS feed I'm working with is: http://www.mininova.org/rss.xml?user=aXXo

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