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New definition of slow: <1 kB/s *aargh*


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I really, really hate to be making this thread (like admitting you're lost and having to ask for directions on the road), but I've tried and searched for every solution I could find to figure out why I'm getting dial-up speeds.

The short:

I'm getting about 1kB/s average on my 20mb/768up connection. Yes, 1 kB/s

The long:

The speed ranges from 0 (some files with thousands of Seeders will often not be pulling down data), to 1, and (when I'm lucky) up to a whopping 5 kB/s. It's not uncommon for most down speeds at any given time to be below 1kB/s, UP speeds are about the same. The only thing I know for sure that's causing issues is that I live in a complex that has the building wired and access to the routers aren't possible. So I can't open a port and always have the yellow sign/light. I don't get red, but very rarely will I see it turn green for a short period of time.

-Port Forwarding tests aren't passing, but

-Glasnost test passed with flying colors.

Onto the checklist to get help:

# EVERYTHING you've tried so far:

-I've read Ultima's Troubleshooter;

-Followed the 'Setup Guide', and PortForward's 'Static IP' and 'Router Guide's to a T.

-Forwarded the port on my personal router (not the one in the building) just in case

-Added ports and the .exe to Windows Firewall's exemptions (tried deleting and remaking also)

# The state/value of all of the options you were recommended to change up above.

-Currently default from the Speed Settings, but I've tried tweaking the Upload speed limit up a bit and a couple other values suggested on troubleshooting threads/guides here.

-I've tried killing options such as: UPnP, NAT-PMP, DHT, Peer settings, Encryption options, nothing seems to make a noticable difference at all.

-Can't find an option to reset all uT's settings to Default, but I've done my best to try a variety of setting changes without any luck.

# Color of the network status light: Yellow

# Port Checker: Fail, isn't forwarded

# Speed Guide shows: 768

# net.max_halfopen: Was 8, tried 6 also.

# Operating system: XP pro

# Security software installed: Just Windows Firewall, w/ uT exceptions

# Exact router model(s): NETGEAR WNDR3300

# ISP (Internet Service Provider): TDC

# Type and speed: DSL - ~16mb down; ~750 up

Any help is appreciated. I hate that I'm having to ask at all, but thanks in advance.

PS: While I'm here I might as well ask: For the years I've been using torrents and several different clients, they've always REALLY bogged down any other bandwidth-using actions (surfing, gaming, etc..) and lags Skype and even IM'ing sometimes too. I've always assumed this is normal, but is it really?

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Thanks for the reply.

I'm getting the OpenOffice torrent right now, getting about 10kB/s average. Spiked up to 20 at one point, but is hovering between 5 and 15, with an eta 3hr download. Pulling from about 10 total peers, I'll update if it gets higher...

PS: Definitely lagging the rest of my internet usage (just normal page-loads at the moment), probably 10secs to load a normal page like this thread's page.


The OO torrent got up to a steady 15 kB/s for a while, but I'd still say the overall average was 10.

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