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Problem with port forwarding


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I have 2 pc's that are connected in a network.

The main pc has 2 network cards. One connected to a router and internet, and the other is connected to the secondary pc.

On my main pc, I opened Utorrent's port and the forwarding work, but I don't know how to do this with the second pc.

How do I do it?


P.S. I followed this guide to open the port on the main pc:


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In that case you will propably experience problems.

Since the ip of the router might be something like

and the ip of the main pc 192.168.0.x (for the one card that shares)

and 192.168.1.x for the card that connects to the modem router

(unfortunately 0 is a must for sharing internet connection between pc's, and for a perfect working network the first 3 ranges on the ip must be the same, so some internet options will be limited)

and the ports cant be seted up right..

You may try to make sure the applications/services to be shared with internet services are checked (an internet connection icon in connections/card management) and have utorrent checked there, but i doubt ports will be forward correctly


Best option is to connect 2 pc's in the router.. If the router works as a hub you should be able to connect one with usb and one with ethernet, and their ips should be ok(so the portforwarding will be easy for both). If it has more ethernet ports then it works and as a hub and you should try with them.

Another solution is to buy a hub/switch and connect everything there (one with 5ports should cost about 15Euro max), but i hope you can do your job with the router

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