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downloaded data calc


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I'm using UTorrent 1.8.1.

In the manual you can read:

"Info Pane > General Tab > Transfer > *Downloaded* displays the total amount of data you have downloaded, including those that were wasted or failed the hash check."

"Info Pane > General Tab > Transfer > *Wasted* displays the amount of data that was downloaded and deleted, either from hashfails, or from redundant data.

In every torrent I have, comparing between:

- Transfer > Downloaded

- Transfer > Wasted (and hashfails)

- General > Total Size

- General > Piece's Size

I concluded the definition in the manual is not exactly what UTorrent is displaying. "Downloaded" is displaying the Total Size + Hashfail Data, instead of displaying the Total Size + Wasted. The "Redundant Data" is not being included.

Since the Redundant data *is* being downloaded, it seems the definition is correct, but UTorrent is not displaying the whole downloaded data correctly.

In addition, I'm not sure what influence this change should have on the displayed download speed ( download data / download time ).

Thank you in advance.

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Given data is downloaded until it PASSES hashchek I'm unsure what you're saying. To get a complete download, you will have TOTAL = SIZE+WASTED. All data in addition to the size of data you're downloading is "extra". Whether it is extra due to being from multiple peers or due to failing hashcheck doesn't negate the fact data can only be downloaded and pass hashcheck once.

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@Thelittlefire, I'm not sure I understood you, and it is possible I wasn't clear enought.

I'll give an example. I dl a torrent completely.

torrent size: 350 MB

piece size: 512 kB

number of hashfails: 8

hashfail data: 4 MB (8*512)

wasted data: 8.53 MB

redundant data: 6.53 MB (8.53-4=4.53)

UT is displaying downloaded: 354 MB.

but UT should display sth like 358.53 MB according to the UT manual. If I round it, I would agree with sth like 359 MB, maybe 358 MB, but in no case 354 MB. The *Redundant Data* is not being added to the *downloaded* data.

In my example, the torrent is a one-file torrent, and I downloaded it just once, without stopping UT at all. I didn't change/erase the file from the drive, and I didn't erase the torrent from the job's list. So this case is not about skipping files, or re-adding the torrent, and it isn't about re-downloading files. My example is just plain simple.

IMO, the manual has the correct definition, and UT displays the wrong downloaded data number.

I could give many more examples, as every downloaded torrent is displaying equivalent numbers showing this situation.

Thelittlefire, I hope this time I was clear, and I would request from the devs to doublecheck this issue.

Thank you in advance.


After several months, now using ut 1.8.2 and I still see this issue in every torrent.

Transfer_Downloaded = General_TotalSize_Done + ( Piece_Size * #hashfails )

I Thought it should be:

Transfer_Downloaded = General_TotalSize_Done + ( Wasted )

So, can anyone clear this for me? Which formula is the correct one?

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