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Port isn't saved.


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No, I've manually opened and forwarded a port in my router. I'm not randomising. Even weirder - just opened µTorrent to doublecheck I hadn't and this time it's port was zero *blink* Before it was like randomisation was stuck on. Now it's picking bad numbers.

As for quitting µTorrent - I just go Command-Q or uTorrent->Quit as per normal. I'm not sure what else I'd do :-)

In ~/Library/Application Support/uTorrent/settings.dat this is all I see when I open it in a text editor:


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I have the same problem. It will not save the port number. It also wouldn't recognize the port as being open. However after restarting it selected a port (20856) which it seems to remember but says connection status unavailable as it should. When changing to the open port it did not initially recognize it as being open. It all of a sudden started working.

I use transmission on this port without issues.

Also quitting takes a very long time.

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