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UTORRENT can't seed


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I am currently using utorrent 1.4.

I uploaded a torrent file (created by utorrent) and re-download from my tracker (so that I can seed)

When all the steps had been taken, this is the status I got from the seeding torrent

"No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it."

Believe me, I have taken all the different steps provided from utorrent and from my tracker.

I have already spent 18 hours and had tried it more than 10 times, please help.

Thanks in Advance.

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Have you tried to manually change the announce URL to the tracker? Private trackers often add a passkey to the torrent (that's why you must re-download) but somehow µTorrent can "remember" the old non-passkeyed announce URL even when loading the correct .torrent file (at least that happens to me).

You can read and copy/paste the passkeyed URL with MakeTorrent or TorrentSpy.

Right-click on the torrent you're trying to seed, select Properties and replace the non- passkeyed URL with the passkeyed one, and Click OK.

The torrent should now start to seed. If not maybe you have a different problem with 1.4 like me:


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