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Bug: Upload Speeds


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Leopard, PPC

Up: Automatic

Down: Unlimited

Stop Seeding: 2

Limit seeding rate: 50000 kB

Global Limit 2000

Per Torrent: 40

Queue transfer: 99

Queue download: 99

Enabled: DHT & PEX

No Firewall, No NAT, No limits of any kind on the network.

I have, essentially, an infinite amount of bandwidth and 0% possibility of ISP interference.

I'm only getting about 100kB up and 250kB down, with 36U and 100D more typical. These are with torrents which should have 2 or 3 mB per second. I was routinely getting 6mB up with Vuze.

EDIT: AWESOME release, BTW. :)

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