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Somtimes green,sometimes yellow


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I made a port exception through my f secure firewall(both directions) and set up the port forwarding on my router.

I am getting good speeds,up and down. Some of the time,I get a yellow triangle;some of the time,I get the green circle. The speeds do not change and I'm getting a few hash failures,but not many.

((Windows XP up to date, Firefox 3 up to date,a gig of ram.))

Is there something I should check or should I leave well enough alone?


Thank you.

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If you get green sometimes you're OK, Only if the yellow state persists and changes to red should you worry. :)

It may be your ISP could also clamp down on traffic or ports during certain times of day. Have you asked/looked for their AUP/FUP (usage policies) should be available under Support sections of their site.

Have you checked out the user manual accessible from F1 within the main uT window? It has lots of useful info.

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Thank you both.

Switeck,I double checked my speeds both ways and tried taking it down an increment from where it was set,and the same thing happened. It is yellow sometimes and green sometimes,but the speed does not seem to be effected.

It's working and the stuff is clean,so all's well.

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