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Tpb file problem.


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Hi there,

I have been an avid torrent file downloader with utorrent for awhile with no problems, However recently i have started having the following issue...

when downloading tpb files..either from ie7 or firefox..doesnt seem to matter which....it wont even get the tpb file.....

click on the download torrent link...and it sits....and sits.....no download window comes up..(nor does it say it has blocked anything)...

if i rightclick on the link and save target as...it tries to start downloading but never gets anywhere....it rarely if ever makes it to utorrent...

seems to do it off any torrent site..(piratebay etc.) but if i downlad anything else its fine.....

any ideas?

Thanks Paul

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If you only intend to use magnet: through uT, you could apply uT for magnet links in Preferences. If not, right click, copy link, and Ctrl-U in uT, to paste, say OK. START. It should start downloading... after a minute.

If you cannot download .TORRENT files from ANY SITE, definitely search around for your ISP elsewhere to see if it's reported. Have you searched generic for your ISP here?

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