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µTorrent pops in front of browser..


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EDIT: OK! PROBLEM SOLVED! :) I just saw in "Preferences" the "Activate the program window" setting.. (IDIOT!) Please erase this post! Thank you!

Here is what bothers me..

When i have a page with multiple titles and the direct link to them, I can't download more than one file at a time because I have to follow to many steps every time. I tested it both on Vista and XP on FireFox 3, and there is no difference. To understand better what I want to say with this, those are the steps I have to do every time I add a new torrent (and it just takes to much time):

1. Click on the first .torrent file link

2. The "Open with µTorrent (default)" window appears, I click 0k.

3. µTorrent jumps in front of all windows (and this is what bothers me!)

4. Click 0k on the Add New Torrent window

5. Switch to FireFox

6. Click on the second .torrent link


and so on

I don't really know if this is a settings problem or a bug, or has been implemented intentionally, but I remember that on older versions of µTorrent, you could open more than one torrent at a time, and µTorrent stayed in the background and didn't pop up with the "Add New Torrent" window..

Is it possible to fix this, or to implement a setting?

Thank you!

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