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Disconnecting peers


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I'm pretty sure my ISP is the culprit here. I'm more annoyed then anything but anyways. Monday my upload speeds were drastically cut. My download speeds are totally normal. And I think this next part is a total coincidence but I just want to make sure.

On Monday I followed steps to optimize uTorrent. Everything from getting my download/uypload speeds, converting my upload speed to a global upload speed and setting uTorrent to only upload at 75% of my global upload speed. I also tweaked various settings and knowing how to set them up by calculating with my current speeds.

I also used TCPOptimizer and used the optimal settings option. This is the only thing that I think would be causing the problem other than my ISP killing my connection to seeds. I noticed my upload speeds were horrible after doing this. I reverted back to my backup settings via TCPOptimizer and nothing changed. I can't connect to any peers and thus i can't upload. Trust me there's plenty of seeds there in the swarm. What I'm seeding is popular and legal. ....

Now everything I mentioned above applies to me trying to connect to peers on a private tracker. This next part just blows my mind and stumps me. On a public tracker I can sometimes connect to peers and achieve the upload speed that I want. Now if this wasn't happening then I would say case closed it's the ISP. I don't understand why I can sometimes connect to peers on a public tracker. Given there's like 1000's in the swarm on the public tracker. But on the private tracker there is a lot in the swarm too (almost 100) and like I said what I'm seeding on the private tracker is popular and legal and I just can't connect to any peers to seed.

I'm only seeding this 1 torrent right now so it's not like I'm seeding 20 torrents. My settings are optimized. I'll drop the bombshell now. My ISP is Comcast. I know they restrict you from seeding and Sandvine probably just reached my community on Monday and this probably has nothing to do with what TCPOptimizer did to my computer. I'm just stumped that sometimes I can seed, and sometimes I can't.

I'm noticing things in my log of uTorrent that say:

[2008-12-11 19:08:04] Extension: ipv6:[<ERROR>]

[2008-12-11 19:08:29] somebody's IP I think: Disconnect: Connection closed

[2008-12-11 19:10:53] somebody's IP I think:: Disconnect: No such torrent: *************************

[2008-12-11 19:13:39] somebody's IP I think:: Disconnect: No such torrent: *************************

[2008-12-11 19:13:52] Extension: ipv4:[somebody's IP I think:]

[2008-12-11 19:14:46] Extension: ipv4:[somebody's IP I think:]

[2008-12-11 19:14:46] Extension: ipv6:[<ERROR>]

I dunno. There's zillions of posts here about Comcast and failing to seed. I probably fall under the same criteria. Any thoughts? I'm just going to have to switch to a slower ISP i think and atleast I'll be able to upload more efficiently instead of not at all.

I'm willing to follow anybody's instructions carefully and thoroughly. You won't be just wasting your time. My uTorrents settings are optimized and if there's any other info you need please note in your post. I hate Comcast. Thanks for reading.

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