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First speed problems (?)


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Hello there.

Till now I hadn't speed problems.

Yesterday I began to download a file of 7.73 GB. The speed, at the beggining, was 400-500 kB/s. But after one hour or two it fell to 30-40 with many seeds and peers. At this moment the speed is 80 KB/s and the seeds 3(64) and the peers 61(1316).

I have as ever the Speed Guide applied and the port well forwarded.

So, is this normal? Why with so many seeds and peers I have a speed so low (when in these cases it was normally 300-400)?

Good day and thanks.

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Yeah i think it is normal, seed/peer ratio is what counts to get good download speed, but that depends also on peers upload bandwidth too.

Obviously in your case 64/1316 = 0.04 which is very bad (64=max seeds, 1316 = max peers)

1+ ratio is the best, so you should expect more speed, if seeds are more than peers... I guess you should read the faq

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Thanks Claw_gr.

But I think that the ratio seeds/speeds will never be >1. Maybe with old torrents, but with the new torrents peers >> seeds and the ratio peers/seeds << 1. However I downloaded new files with very small ratio and with speeds of 300, 400, 500 kB/s.

Only in the present case it happenned this low speed.

Good day and a good week-end.

After all, there isn't any problem. I'm downloading at this very moment a file of 4.63 GB with Seeds= 65(183) and Peers = 18(374) and I have a download speed never attainned = 1.15 MB/s (!!!). I'm really amazed with this speed. It downloaded 57% of the torrent in only 47 min.

Maybe the problem refered with the other torrent has to do with that particular swarm?

Thank you your help, only by curiosity.

A good week end.

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Yeah but there are torrents like that too (rare i know)... And since it wont change that easy as you have noticed, so next time you search something prefer the torrent with better seeds/peer ratio instead of the one with more seeds.. A 50s 80p is a lot better (and good enough) instead of 500s and 2500p..

After all what you need maybe just one seed with great bandwidth and luck to connect to that one.. Seed/peer ratio just raise your chances to find a seed that isnt seeding to anyone but you :)

Propably in the other swarm you didnt find a decent seeder, but thats normal too..

Its health very bad already

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On very large torrents, your download speed usually falls to roughly 50-200% of your upload speed.

Few stick around to seed even half as long as they took to download the file, so many leave with a UL:DL ratio less than 1:1.

Almost nobody has a huge upload speed, so that becomes everyone's limiting factor.

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