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SINCERELY anyone,,,,what should be the queueing option


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=)=) plz help me out,,,,,,

i really want to know this ,,,,,i know now tht my total upload ratio is not that important but what is important is that i seed after every torrent is complete,,,i love to seed n i always seeded when my ratio is 1.5 or when it reaches 1.543 something like tht......i h got to maintain till its 1.5 but my main concern is that the seeding would not stop after it reaches 1.5 ratio n it keeps on seeding and i go to the option n at queueing i keep the ratio to 150% and the seeding time to 90 minutes n i generally switch the option to shutdown the computer when everything completes,,,,,

I h till now downloaded more than 10 torrents n h sincerely maintained my ratio to 1.5 ratio but i also h read in forums like this that we would be rewarded by getting more bandwitdth (sorry for the spellig) but tilll now i would only get only around 28kbs sometime 30kbs it fluctuates a lot but generally it stays at 25-27-28 kbs.....

i h read people mentioning they get 44kbs or 1000kbs i really also want that much bandwith,,,,i h sincerely uploaded or seeded n always always maintainded my ratios,,,,,,,i really really dont know what to do,,,,,,what am i doin wrong plzzzzzzzzzzz somebody help me,,,,,,,what should be my seeding option specially the ratio % and the seeding minute ,,,,,,,,,,,,,plz dont not tell me to read the faq of utorrent ,,,,,,i think only experianced members or torrent users know the answer,,,,,,,any reviews or reply would be a great help,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,=)=)

p.s: how does people get so much bandwith is its after seeding many torrents or maintain the Ratio,,,,,i know seeders has to be their,,,,but i h already uploaded many torrents n maintainded my ratio,,,,,to get a nice bandwidth but till i hvn't ?????=)=) i h also donloaded many torrents with many seeders but still no good same bandwidth at 25 - 28 kbs which i think is it sucksss,,,,

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Then use [when torrent reach seading goal] in queuing tab

the value 0 to stop the finished seeded torrents


But after that the finished torrents will not automatically open again

(you can manually set other seeding goal for a specific torrent and start seeding that torrent again)

Hope that helps

P.S. Oh and I think total share ratio (reward system) works on private trackers only since they keep track of it (on a registered account created by you) for their torrents. But being a good seeder and not a leech is a good thing, helps the health of the torrent

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Hey Claw_gr, thnkss for quick reply, tht was really helpful i went to the Queueing option n on [when torrent reach seading goal] i gave 0 value in the box.

and when i seeded the completed torrent tht had already reached 1.5 ratio it did not seed, thnks man tht was helpful, U know i never came across that, "Limit the upload rate to(kB/s):[0:stop].

But would u be kind enough to tell me what does the "Limit the upload rate to(kB/s):[0:stop]. 4 " . I mean it had 4 (value) in the box(it was the default no),when i installed utoorent on my pc. Does tht mean the completed torrent would keep uploading at 4kbs.

And last thing do u always keep the value to 0 only and what is the bandwidth u usually get while downloading a torrent, reply back, man =) =)

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