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Upload Settings for 100Mbit+


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I have 100/100Mbit connection and im trying to find the setting that will max. out my upload but somehow im not satisfied with the speed that UT connects to other peers, compared to BitComet it creates new peer connections significantly slower, i can almost max.out the connection on brand new torrents, but on a torrents with stable ratio like 200:400 or better UT cant upload with more then 2 MB/s avarage.I dont know if im doing anything wrong here are my settings :

Disable UPNP Port mapping

Randomize port each time Utorrent starts : off

Disable DHT and DHT for new torrents

Global max.upload rate : 12500 KB/s

Global Maximum Number of Connections : 2000

Maximum Number of connected peers per torrents : 250

Number of upload slots per torrent : 250

net.low_cpu = false

net.max_halfopen = 43

peer.disconnect_inactive_intervall = 500

diskio.sparse_files = true

diskio.write_queue_size = 20000

Result when i was using UT 1.3 :

[image removed for content]

the torrent ratio is 4:232 as you see.

Then i was using unlimited upload rate back then and my upload rate was stuck alot of times at 8.0MB/s , i was advised to cap the upload rate at my max.upstream because UT makes auto-cap on unapped connections. I did so i tried yesterday for the first time UT 1.4 with the same settngs, capped UL at 12500 KB/s. I have tried it again on a brand new torrent with ratio 6:180 or so , and i this time in addition i was firewalled , here are the results :

[image removed for content]

I have completed 42% of the file at this point and was allreday uplading at 6.5 MB/s, not bad...

10 min later i had almost completed the file (99.7%) and i have maxed out my connection (10.4 MB/s) .

I came with the conclusion that with these setting UT work pretty well on a brand new torrents, but i would like to make UT uploading with good speeds (>5 MB/s) also on a saturated with peers torrents like 200:400 where it still possible to upload with good speeds and also to improve the fastness of the peer connectivity. In comparison to UT BC connects so fast to the peers that on a new torrents it takes 5-10 min for BC to make me uplading with 7 MB/s on a new torrents, UT though needs like 20min + to do it, i would like to improve this issue with some better settings.I hope that someone can help me.

Thank you in advance! :)

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