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pre-allocation takes place after torrent is removed


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Hi all,

This is a reproducible problem that is not a crash but reflects how the program was written, I assume.

I noticed it when I switched my torrent downloads to an external hdd, where pre-allocation takes quite a while for large files. A couple times I added a torrent and then realized I didn't actually want to add the torrent that way, so I removed the torrent, only to notice that pre-allocation of the selected files continued, forcing me to wait for the .!ut files to be created so I could delete them. For some reason, when allocating these files to the external hdd, total download speed drops to around 5-10 kbps and uploads to nearly 0 kpbs, which makes the problem more noticeable and bothersome. There must be some sort of process queue for pre-allocation that is not deleted after a torrent is removed. I would think the normal expected behavior would be for all allocation to cease as soon as the torrent is removed.

Thanks for your time.

I searched for a similar bug report and could not find one.

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Heavy disk IO is known to cause speed problems. Most likely, the problem is in the implementation (file creation/deletion needs its own thread, IINM).

As for it being slow on external drives... well, slow allocation has nothing to do with µTorrent itself. The speed is bound by the external drive's bus speed and such, and µTorrent uses a Window facility to perform the allocation.

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