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Red Light... Good Speeds up and Down.


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((Editing,I slap my forehead Homer Simpson style,saying "doah" as I do so. I feel so silly. When I set up my router to forward the port,I used the ip number,instead of my ip STATIC number! Before,it was doing fine,alternating among red,yellow,and green. Now,it's green. The performance is just the same but having the green there makes me feel better. Happy Torrenting.))


Previously,I posted a thread that my light was switching between yellow and green with no apparent differences in performance.

I read every word of the posts Switeck referenced in reply.

Today,using the xx/384 setting,I'm getting about eighties up and mid thirties down---with a red light.(That setting is the closest one to my upload speed.)

My router and firewall are correctly set and the only thing I've changed recently is adding more RAM.

It's not life and death,and the utorrent software is working fine----save the red light,but I'm curious.

Any ideas why this is happening?


Thank you.

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