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saving last directory & labels!


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On the GUI for saving a new torrent I should be able to select the label and it should restore the last directory I saved to using that label.

That way I wouldn't have to change the directory to save to every time when I downloaded multiple types of torrents in 1 utorrent instance.

I would just select my, say, "apps" label and it would restore "H:\Apps" or whatever to the path. Then if the next torrent was music and I last saved my music to "R:\etarded\Directory\structure\2008\albums" I wouldn't need to enter that anew, I'd just select the "music" label and it would be there.

I think you get the idea.

Pretty minor change, but I know it would save me a lot of time and anyone else who downloads a range of things like that (and most people who download lots probably split it on multiple drives).

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