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RSS-Feed with episode-format 001 instead of 1x01


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Hi, i added my series all successfull with description for rss-feeds.

But two of my feeds do not have the episode format 1x01 they have the format 001.

I mean they are not devided into series, they are only episodes :)

How can I add them without µtorrent starting to download every episode from the begining.

For example starting with 075?

with kind regards


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Does it decode as episode #? Check the RSS pane or the main torrent view after enabling the correct column. If not, you don't. Smart Episode Filter is relatively useless in that case :(

A Generic filter you can start/set but will have to keep an eye on... follow the pattern matching (some text here)=* ; (, or . or space) = ? and leading numbers would make MATCH: "[GROUP]?SHOW?TITLE*07?*" checking "use original name" and setting the interval to once every 12 hours so they don't all start NOW...

This if you have to catch up on alot, would help you at least until you have to switch it to 08?, understand??

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