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A BIG problem with utorrent


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I was working on my computer(windows xp) like usually with Utorrent running in the background when all of the sudden Utorrent pops up and covers all my screen. I close the window and keep working, about 5 seconds later it opens up again, I think to myself that this is annoying and close the program. Then my computer decides to give me a warning label saying that it can't open up utorrent because it's already running. At this point I think to myself WTF and when I'm about to close the warning message that says OK ( the only option I got) it pops up with another window.

I restart the computer, but the problem still exists, it's trying to open up utorrent every single 5 seconds, and each time I get a warning message. Now I'm getting frustrated and uninstal the damn program. But now my problems are just getting started, because it still continues to give me a warning message everytime even though I've uninstalled it.

So I end up by going to safe mode, and uninstall it there( the damn thing was still alive) and just to make sure, I made the computer run a search for torrent over my 500 gb of data over 4 different harddrives, deleting everything that was found, I even fired up REGEDIT and deleted everything threre. I restarted normally, and it behaves normally. I run a search again, and regedit shows me nothing, this program was finally dead.

Or so I thought.

5 minutes later I notice my computer becoming slow, and the task manager shows me, that UTORRENT is using over 40% of my computers memory!?!

How is this little program doing this? How did it manage to hide from me? Why won't it die???

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You're infected. With bad juju.

Ctrl-P allows you to turn off certain things. Clear Private data does the cleanup you meticulously searched for in regedit.

It only pops up if the option is enabled.. turn that off in the meantime. Then figure out what you have running is triggering uT. You're downloading torrents?

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