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Green tick in client but port blocked when checked with the port check


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Hey there.

The icon at the bottom of utorrent shows a green tick, yet when i check with the port checker for port 55000, it says the port is blocked.

Thing is, I'm not even using a router, as my computer is directly connected to a cable modem.

This only happened after I reinstalled my OS yesterday, and I haven't found a workaround for it yet.

Before this, I could hit speeds up to 400kB/s (on a starhub connection), but i'm barely hitting 50 now.

Any solutions to diagnose/solve the problem?

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2nd link in my signature.

You MUST use conservative settings or it'll only get worse. :(

Your ISP is among the MOST HOSTILE anti-BitTorrent ISPs on the planet.

You will likely need to try 'extreme' hiding tricks to get better speeds:


(Note: My post immediately following that one explains what settings in uTorrent are similar to the Azureus ones.)

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Oh by the way, I'd like to mention that while my connection to the Internet was removed because I was causing lag on his DOTA games because of torrenting, I went to leech another wireless connection that had Starhub as the ISP (for a while only). I had the same problem (Port does not appear to be open). But the weird thing is that I had incoming connections but the speed was pretty low (~2.5kB/s). To be more precise, it was from a peer with a French ISP. However, if I downloaded from a peer which uses a Japanese ISP the speed shot up to 50kB/s. Pretty weird huh? I really don't mind if my ISP (not Starhub) shapes traffic, but not to extremes like 2.5kB/s only! 1 700MB torrent would take 3 days non-stop downloading. I just hope my ISP does not send me letters or something. It's scary.

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