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RSS downloader should allow move file AFTER download


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The options for manual downloads allow moving files after download, which is great for running tools that process files.

Currently the RSS downloader has a save file path option but the files are stored in that location while downloading. This stops tools being used to process files after download.

RSS and Move After Download both allow automation so putting the two features together makes perfct sense.

it could be nabled whenever someone has selected to have a staging and a final directory in the general properties page as an alternate final director.. or could be an extra box in the RSS downloader options.

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I agree!

I'm downloading TV-shows directly to a directory where MediaPortal's TV Series plugin will find and display them in a list. But since the episode isn't finnished yet, I can't start play it.

Please use the global downloading directory while downloading or add this as an option in RSS Downloader.

Anyway - thanks for your efford on this excellent product!

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