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Firewall/Router is limiting my network traffic - help


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We've installed a router last week, and I loaded up utorrent today. I get that red exclamation at the bottom of the program, telling me a firewall/router is limiting my network traffic. I did some search and it seems I have to open up some other port. Any port I open up it still gives me the same message:

Error! Port 59671 does not appear to be open.

I did some further search and some people said I should create a static IP address - is this really the remedy for my error? I don't want to set up a static IP address...

And if there's any other remedy, advice is appreciated.

Thank you.

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You can open ports in specific ip's... If they arent static and change randomly, how the router is supposed to know which ip it gave to your pc that time to forward the port..

There is another way that, might work but you need to figure that out on your own to set it.. Its called port triggering which will open a port to whatever pc requests it first.

But that is if the router supports that.

I guess the simplest way is static ip for you

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