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Possible? Preffered Peers


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Hello Utorrent,

uTorrent shows little flags next to peers which we are connected to, great I like to see who im transfering from. I noticed their are is only a "few" from my country (United Kingdom) at any time. Although 2ce now I have checked I noticed that someone from the same ISP as me (my isp = good connection).

Is it possible to add these to a preferred list, to transfer from them?

As a web programmer im not so good at applications, or hardware. I presume transferring from my own country would be faster? I presume transferring from people with same ISP would be faster? .. I presume with ip2location transferring from people closer to me would be faster?


Keep up the good work, I read about the UDP (i think thats it) in new uTorrent I can not wait to update. Even though I pay for great connection, use cat5 and try and tweek settings my speed suffers. Damn noob

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That alone conflicts with the general idea of Bittorrent i think... (Why to ignore other possible good users too that had done nothing wrong)

And usually you dont get faster speeds, but faster pings. It depends of your country network policy too.

For that maybe the use of private trackers solve this matter since more users could be from a specific country.. (But for UK is near impossible i guess)

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