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Great work! Two bugs: Right-clicking and Remembering Sort Order


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Just like to start off by congratulating the BitTorrent people. The Mac client is shaping out to be very nice, and I'm already getting better performance with uTorrent than with some other long-standing Mac BT clients.

Also, the latest update fixing the .torrent link issue is great.

Just two bugs/feature requests:

1. Right-clicking on an object/item doesn't select it, when I believe it should; i.e. if I have an item selected, and then I right-click another item on a list (either the main torrent list or the file list), the right-click creates a border around the object I right-clicked on, but the action that I select pertains to the originally selected item, not the new, right-clicked item.

2. I'd like the uTorrent client to remember my sort order; i.e. I sort my torrents by priority, but on restart it seems to forget this.

Thanks, good luck and happy holidays.

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