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How to set up Utorrent to make it does less damage to my poor hdrive?


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I knew downloading torrent is very destructive to my hard drive, please teach me how to set up (the steps to set up) the Utorrent to diminish the damage.

I really love this software, Please help, thanks.

Start -> Run -> taskmgr

click on process tab

View -> Select Columns check I/O Reads and I/O Writes

Now you can see how many I/O operations utorrent.exe process doing per second.

And you can test how your changes will influence to system behaivor.

in uTorrent:

Preferences -> Advanced -> Disk Cache


"Override automatic cache size and specify the size manually" set to 80MB, for example

"Enable caching of disk writes"

"Enable caching of disk reads"

"Disable Windows caching of disk writes"

"Disable Windows caching of disk reads"

Uncheck other options.

These settings helped me to reduce number of I/O operations on HDD under Win XP.

'Disable Windows caching of disk writes' and 'Disable Windows caching of disk writes'

helps to many people to resolve HDD speed problems and overload on Vista.

But price for this is memory (RAM of course), 100MB for my system is not problem.

May be 80MB is too large, try differ settings.

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