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Protocol Encryption: is this the problem ?


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I do not know if cpu has spikes when that happens, i really did not notice.

I only know that after the freeze, utorrent.exe goes 0 cpu.

For theese tests i completely uninstall all my antiviruses (in order avg,nod,norton), and the problem was not the av at all, as i noticed.

Thinking about it i tried to restore original configurations, and setting OFF Protocol Encryption resolved !!!

WITH that ON utorrent.exe regularly freeze after some hours, OFF utorrent lives "forever" in background day by day...

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Sounds like some sort of traffic-monitoring spyware is trying to read/inspect your traffic...but it snarls up trying to read all the encrypted packets with Protocol Encryption enabled?

...Or a software firewall that's poorly written and can't handle the traffic uTorrent generates.

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