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What would be my best setting for my connection?


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About 80% of your max upload bandwidth--> about 75KB/s

Go to options preferences and chose a connection that limits upload bandwidth near that

I guess xxx/768 is the closest one. Press Use selected settings and you are practically done..

If you understand this guide then use it http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=34259

(To fine tune it play with upload speed from 75%~85%)

And try not confuse KByte with Kbit (*I think the speedtest is in KiloByte, if not chose the xx/96 Instead)

If you remember your connection ISP declares to gave you it is propably in Kbit per second (Kbps) just like as the guide

*Edit ok it is in Kbps so the xx/96 is the correct one...

Not much to finetune either

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