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Make uTorrent do multiple connections to ONE IP (bypass throttle)


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Short question: How do I make utorrent make more than one connection to a seed?

Long question: I am seeding private torrents to send to my friend who has a 350KBps download and I have a 100KBps upload. When I started the first torrent and he connected to my utorrent tracker with the torrent I sent to him, his speed maxed out at 25KBps and hovered from 20 to 25.

Then when I asked him to download another two torrents from me, the other two also hovered around 25KBps totalling about 60-70KBps download to him.

I have already set allow_same_ip to true but I can't make his utorrent make more than one connection to me in a single torrent. How do I make utorrent do this?


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bt.allow_same_ip: Enabling this option allows multiple incoming connections from the same IP address. This option affects a single torrent job at a time, so you can still have the same IP address connect to you on different torrent swarms. It is recommended that this option be left disabled, as it weakens the anti-leech protection.

So propably nothing else will work.. (It is better left disabled since it wont help you)

But you dont need that many connections

Just temporary limit the upload of the other torrents you are downloading (or pause them or stop them)... Propably what is left will go to your friend..

You only need one connection.. And maybe forwarded ports to get as many request possible (both you and your friend)..

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like i said, every connection from the person maxes out at 25KBps so every additional connection means 25KBps more faster (until my limit is reached, that is)

yes, all my torrents are stopped and nothing is using the upload. .. port forwarding is also done.. anyway dreadwingknight has given the answer I am looking for.. thanks for your input

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