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Bug: Affinity on Pentium D


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Problem: after starting uTorrent (1.7.7 ... 1.8.1 may be previous versions too) and working ~15 min

I get upload not more than 1-2KB/s (limit 11) and download 3-4KB/s. Problems with opening new pages in

IE. After some time download dropped to 0 ( or not more than 1-2KB/s).

Tested on torrents with many numbers of seeds.

tcpip.sys patch didn't help.



Setting hard affinity to one core before launching the uTorrent.

You may use for this ForceCore.

After that I got full upload speed(const 11KB/s for 24/7) and fast download.

This problem found on Pentium4 D 805 and on another Pentum 4 dual core(3.0GHz) (I don't remember number)

for XP:

SP2 + dual core patch form microsoft


SP3 + all updates

are not helping to solve the probem, but setting affinity helped(without patching tcpip.sys).


English is not my native language :)

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