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Some queries regarding the Queueing option!


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If anyone one can help me , see i m using Utorrent 1.8.1 till 2 months and till now i h downloaded more that 20 torrents n seeded them n maintained my ratio to 1.5. My question is i h read in forums that we h to seed til its 1.5 and 90 minutes.

In my Queueing option, by Default " Seed while Ratio is 150% and the seeding time is 0 ". After it reaches 1.5 the * button vanishes from the # column.

I want to know is, does the (i.e.,seeding time is) 0 value in the queueing option, does that signify its 90 minute or do i h to manually give the value.

When the * vanishes from the # column do i take it that the torrent has seeded to 1.5 and 90 minutes. After it reaches the 1.5 ratio i immediately stop seeding,but when i press the play button the torrent continues to seed,(i.e., after torrent has completed seeding till 1.5).But the * button vanishes from the # column.

Any experienced users can help me,it would be a great help, m reallly puzzled..confused..I h searched in many forums n google but hvn't come across this topic.

thnk u...


p.s: i was using utorrent but was not aware how it functions tht we h to seed also.

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I h read the manual it says "" to specify the minimum amount of time you wish for the torrent job to continue seeding at normal speeds after it has finished downloading. µTorrent will throttle the seeding process only after both this and the ratio threshold have been reached. This value is interpreted in minutes, so please enter it as such """.

But what i want to know is do i h to give 90 value in the seeding time box for utorrent 1.8.1. Its not helpin me,i m confused still what do i put their,

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